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Our story

Reached by a mile-long paved driveway, Morland's main house was originally built in 1927 by Woolridge Brown and Lucie Taylor Morton. It was purchased back into the family in 2018 by John (their great grandson) and Lauren Morton. The name is a simple contraction of “Mortons’ land," though it now represents a much larger family of friends who have lived and celebrated here.

Additional buildings were added between 1927 and 1935, including a four-car carriage house, horse stables, ice house and smoke house, and three guest cottages: the River Cottage, the Garden Cottage and the Boys’ House -- the latter built for Brown and Lucie's two sons on return from World War II. These structures, a fountain and a swimming pool, along with several gardens and terraces, sit on 20 cleared acres that now compromise the 160-acre estate.


"Aunt" Lucie T. Morton, grand-daughter of Brown & Lucie and renowned viticulturist, oversaw the inauguration of our commercial vineyard in 2020, as well as the restoration of Morland's historical Concord vines. One acre of Chardonel and Chamborcin vines now overlook the estate and will begin producing wine in 2021. 

Today, the Morland story continues as a place of refuge and celebration. We are honored to share this special place with our extended family of guests (past, present, and future) and continue to look for new ways to bring people together here.

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